Glassfish is a java application server originally developed by Sun microsystems

currently owned by oracle

Released version 3.1.2

The Glassfish administration console runs on port 4848 and is typically accessed using a SSH port forward, or some other VPN secured route. http://localhost:4848

Downloading glassfishEdit

Developing glassfishEdit



These instructions are for those who want to fully build everything from scratch. Most developers should follow DevelopmentInstructions. To build GlassFish V2, see here .


Oracle documentation for glassfish is here

glassfish quick start guide is here;

the glassfish 3.1 admin document is here;

Extenal TutorialsEdit

There is a review of installing glassfish here

installing glassfish on ubuntu here; which has some interesting notes on configuration iptables and configuring as a service

Support for glassfishEdit

  1. glassfish irc channel on freenode